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Don't Throw Out That Safe: 4 Safe Problems That Can Be Repaired

A Safe
If you keep your home valuables in a safe, then it can be very disheartening to realize that the safe you have always relied on is suddenly malfunctioning or a part has broken.
When your once-reliable safe no longer seems reliable or has a part that has broken completely, you may think that you have to purchase a brand-new safe. However, realize that many safe problems can be repaired. Read on to learn about four common problems that can occur in home safes that can be repaired. 
1. Malfunctioning Keypad
If your safe is equipped with an electronic keypad that has begun malfunctioning in any way, the first thing you should do is replace the batteries to see if a fresh set of batteries eliminates your problem. Don't let the fact that your batteries are still providing some power to your keypad, such as to your keypad lights, fool you into thinking they have enough power left to open your safe. As batteries gradually wear out, they may provide just enough power for some of your keypad functions to work and not others. 
If replacing the batteries in your keypad does not solve the problem, then call a safe repair company for more troubleshooting tips. However, realize that electronic safe keypad locks can eventually fail and need complete replacement. While this failure can stem from many causes, one cause can be damage to the delicate keypad wires. 
2. Jammed or Damaged Bolts
Over time, problems can develop with the bolts in your safe. These bolts can become jammed or even break completely. If you can turn your safe handle partially or completely after entering your safe code and the door will not open, then this problem could be caused by jammed or broken bolts. 
If your bolts have become jammed, then a safe repair technician can help move them into proper position and take steps to prevent this jamming from occurring again. Typically, this is done by disassembling the bolt work, lubricating it, and reassembling it. If bolts are broken, then they can often be replaced to help restore your safe back to a usable condition. 
3. Broken Safe Handle
Safe handles can break for many reasons, but they often break when a safe owner attempts to force a safe open with the handle when there are underlying problems that are preventing the handle from moving.
This can occur easily in older safes that have handles that have deteriorated over time due to exposure to the elements. Safe handles can also break when determined criminals attempt to break into home safes by brute force. The good news is that the handles on most safes can be replaced, often quickly and easily. 
4. Damage After Home Burglary
If your home was recently burglarized and the home intruders damaged your safe, then you may think that you will have to invest in a brand-new safe - along with replacing home valuables that the burglars stole. However, depending on the type of damage inflicted on your safe, it may be completely repairable. 
If your burglar attempted to open the safe door, which is the most common way a home intruder attempts to break into a safe, then they may have damaged the hinges, handle, lock, or even the door itself. 
Realize that all of these components can typically be repaired or replaced by a safe repair professional. Having your safe repaired instead of replaced after a home burglary could help save you the expense of a brand-new safe when you may already have many expensive items to replace in your home. 
If your home safe has developed a problem or one of its components has broken, then realize that you may not have to replace your safe completely. Instead, you may just need one or more safe repairs. Contact Bruck Safe Company for all of your safe repair needs.